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Get JKT48 Promo CDs now!

As the commemoration of the first JKT48 CD album release on January, We are going to give you free JKT48 promo CD from 23 December 2012!

One CD consists of one song. We have 4 kinds of CD with 4 different songs.

These CDs have different designs and are collectible items, which you can get for free!!

You can get something more from collecting this CD. We have prepared something special for you inside of each CD. You will find a special card that will lead you to an amazing surprise when JKT48 First CD album is released on January 2013.

So what are you waiting for?
Go get these CDs at:

-JKT48 Theater ? watch the performance and get a promo CD for free!
-JKT48 Official Fans Club members
We are going to have an event for OFC members at JKT48 Theater on 27 December 2012! Come and get a CD directly from members!
*(Please refer to OFC page for more details)
-Rakuten (buy JKT48 merchandise at Rakuten and you will get a promo CD
/please refer to Rakuten http://jkt48-official.shop.rakuten.web.id/ )  
- HAI Magazine issued in January 7th (Promo CD is attached with magazine).

We will be adding more information here, so keep checking!

*Stay tuned on this page for further information.
*While stock lasts.

Best of Luck!
JKT48 Operation Team


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