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Super Far Seat for Every Fans outside of Indonesia!

5 Februari 2013
■What is Super Far Seat?
・Super Far Seat is a ticketing system that enables people living outside Indonesia to order JKT48 Theater tickets earlier than the usual ticketing system.

■How to Apply
Please apply via e-mail a month before your visit to Indonesia.
[email protected]
The first and last date of your stay in Indonesia
Name / Country (The name of country you live in) /gen1 or gen2

※If you are applying as a group, please send one e-mail from a group representative with the names and countries of the group members.
※To avoid double booking, applying is limited to once per person.
※Please be informed that there are chances that tickets may not be available or tickets for your desired date and time may not be available.
※We would contact the applicants with the exact date and time 1-2 weeks before the show.

■Example for Application E-mail
20 January - 28 January 2013
Taro Yamada / Japan /1st generation

■Applicant Requirements
●Living outside Indonesia (Passport will be checked upon entry to make sure that he/she came to Indonesia legally within a month)
●Can pay the ticket price by Indonesian Rupiahs
●Can communicate using e-mails during their stay in Indonesia


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