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Sign Event JKT48 Official Guidebook [LAST PART]

We're going to continue the Sign Event for those who hasn't got the chance to come to JKT48 Theater and have your official guidebook signed by your oshimen! :D

This is the last chance for you to get those signs!

Date: Sunday, 24th February 2013
Ticket Exchange: 08:30 WIB
Time: 09:00 - 10:30 WIB
Venue: JKT48 Theater

First Session: 09:00 WIB
Member: Beby, Shania, Nabilah, Ghaida, Kinal

Second Session: 09:45 WIB
Member: Sendy, Cindy, Stella, Jeje, Diasta

*Member will only sign JKT48 Official Guidebook

See you at JKT48 Theater!


アジジ・アサデルのオンライン生誕祭2ショット with チェキチャに関してのお知らせ


アニンディタ・ラーマ・チャヒャディのオンライン卒業2ショット with チェキチャに関してのお知らせ

Photo Card Set “JKT48 Cita-Cita Masa Kecilku”のリリースと特典「Personal Meet & Greet with JKT48」についてのお知らせ

Digital Photobook「Cita-Cita Masa Kecilku」特典「Video Call with JKT48」セッション追加についてのお知らせ

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